So my life has been boring and depressing lately so I thought what better way to cheer yourself up than think of your favourite things!

10 OF THE MOST AWESOME THINGS EVER! (in no particular order)


This one really needs no explanations. How could you not like ice-cream?! There are literally hundreds of flavors to choose from, it’s cold, it’s sweet and it’s what heaven would taste like.

Music is literally what keeps me sane sometimes. Music is there when no one else is. There’s always a song somewhere that perfectly describes your situation, that you can relate to and when you hear it you just know what it means.
One of the most beautiful things in science is the theory that at one point, all the atoms that make us up were once parts of stars. Every atom you possess exists because of the death of a star. Stars are beautiful. Millions of suns and nebulae and luminous dust clouds, all twinkling in the sky, some messages from the past that remind us of how truly small we are and that that’s no reason not to aspire to be more. We may be dust but who’s to say its not star dust.
The very fact that your mind can take you places you’ve never been (maybe they don’t even exist) and let you do things that may never be able to do or wish you could is amazing enough. Having a bad day? Just dream about that vacation you’ve been dying to go on. Boring bus ride? fantasize about being in your favorite TV show. The possibilities are endless.
I love reading. I love starting a new story, the smell of a book, the way the spine cracks eventually. Books are such amazing ways to learn and experience things you may never get a chance to. I honestly don’t understand when people say they don’t like to read anything at all. Books have taught me nearly everything I know. I love the way they smell a bit like vanilla when they get old and how the paper feels and I especially love second hand books, they have this feeling like they’ve been loved before, someone else has read the words you’re about to read. Books are awesome, period.

This year I traveled alone for the first time and I met a whole lot of interesting people from a teacher stuck in an airport to a girl at an entrance exam whose cell battery died. It’s amazing how you can meet people from completely different places and backgrounds and still have tonnes in common with them. I like being friends with people who I’ve just met and who I’m probably never gonna see again, they themselves are entire worlds and for a short time you get to be part of their lives and they a part of yours even if it’s for a few hours at most. It gives me hope for humanity that a stranger can always be a friend.

The wind on your face, music blaring, the empty road ahead making you feel like you could go on forever, going fast enough that it would be easy to believe that it’s possible to escape, no limits but the horizon. What’s not to love?
You know that feeling you get when you’re about to figure something out? That moment when you can feel the answer just on the edge of understanding, just out of reach and then the pieces click into place and there’s this amazing moment of clarity, of satisfaction and you can just feel your brain working. Just sitting and figuring something out makes me happy, the joy of discovering something for yourself.
The concept of never ending. Never ending space, never ending time. In an infinite universe there are infinite possibilities so don’t say there’s absolutely no way your crush won’t ask you out!
Pizza has everything! It’s an entire meal on one piece of bread!
I’m not really one for physical contact except that I kinda am. Sometimes I like it and sometime I don’t and it all really depends on who your having contact with. Everything from hugs and kisses to holding hands and standing shoulder to shoulder with a friend is awesome
So what are your favorite things?

10 of my favorite things


5 thoughts on “10 of my favorite things

  1. V. says:

    Beautiful list!We love the same thing! Here, in Italy, we have very good pizza and ice cream!

    • we like the same things! 😀 have you ever wondered if there’s such a thing as an ice-cream pizza? I’ve had a chocolate pizza but I’m just waiting for one made of ice-cream.

  2. Paige S. says:

    I can’t resist asking…what are the pink things on top of the ice cream? Those look like some kind of Super Sprinkle! Intrigue…

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