There are no directions.

There are no right decisions.

There is you and me and the space between us, which is not really space. It’s light and it’s blinding.

There is frozen time, the time when time stops and forgets itself. We have all our eternities in these moments that are not moments but more like an infinity and free-falling.

There is you and me but not us, just we. A line in the sand no one wants. A line in the air that can’t be seen. No weight, no meaning, non-existent. A line that is string, that is bone and diamond and unbreakable, that connects.

There is time but there isn’t. There are choices that aren’t choices, distance that isn’t distance.

There is no wrong answers.

There are no answers.

We make it up as we go.

Take my hand, there is a forever to be seen and an eternity to be felt.


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