Love is take an umbrella in case it rains and watch out.

Love is felt and seen, a rock in a storm, a place to rest.

It is home and comfort.

It is madness and the edge.

Love is a forest fire; all consuming and beautiful. Love is healing.

Love is restless like a bird. Love is gravity; a force of nature, undeniable. Love is mathematics; a little hard at times but worth it.

Love is listening and gentle, fierce and powerful.

Love is hope.


Love is a dog in the night, howling at the moon. Love is a satelite and a sun, it is the river kissing the sea.

Love is a Sunday afternoon and 3 a.m. on a Tuesday night.

Love is you have to leave and be back soon.

Love is forgiveness and salvation. It is pain and truth and the secret. It is the answer to forgotten questions and questions that never get asked.

Love is apotheosis.

Love is everything you want it to be: no more, no less.



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