Love is take an umbrella in case it rains and watch out.

Love is felt and seen, a rock in a storm, a place to rest.

It is home and comfort.

It is madness and the edge.

Love is a forest fire; all consuming and beautiful. Love is healing.

Love is restless like a bird. Love is gravity; a force of nature, undeniable. Love is mathematics; a little hard at times but worth it.

Love is listening and gentle, fierce and powerful.

Love is hope.


Love is a dog in the night, howling at the moon. Love is a satelite and a sun, it is the river kissing the sea.

Love is a Sunday afternoon and 3 a.m. on a Tuesday night.

Love is you have to leave and be back soon.

Love is forgiveness and salvation. It is pain and truth and the secret. It is the answer to forgotten questions and questions that never get asked.

Love is apotheosis.

Love is everything you want it to be: no more, no less.




Imagine there’s a place where you are adequate, a time in which the world doesn’t bear down on you and your lungs don’t struggle for air.

Imagine there’s a room where the sunlight is gold and the walls are merely ideas so that there are no boundaries, no markers saying stop . Imagine in this room music so divine you’ll dance in spite of yourself, in spite of your troubles and insecurities. Imagine that in this room time stops and you can do anything, be anybody.

Imagine that you have courage. Imagine that you don’t need imagination to find courage, that there is real courage in your blood so that you can speak the truth even if your voice trembles and you can step forward even if your knees shake. Courage enough for you to see the dark side of yourself and not lose hope, courage enough that the chambers of your heart don’t collapse with grief, courage enough that you realize that sometimes courage isn’t enough.

Imagine that you could enjoy the rain without worrying about getting wet, enjoy the sun without worrying about cancer. Imagine that you didn’t worry all the time and then try not to worry over how worried you are.

Imagine that people were good and then imagine they were bad and then realize that people are both. Try to imagine a world where nothing hurt and then love the world we have anyway.

Imagine that you could be loved, that you could love without fear, that you could trust without making people jump through hoops of flame. Imagine that your heart is full of love and try not to worry too much over the hatred lurking in the shadows. Imagine warmth and comfort and the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Imagine perfection and find out that there’s no such thing. There is no such thing as perfection, only the struggle to attain it and the impression that it’s there.

Imagine open spaces and rock concerts and the smell of salt in the air.

Imagine freedom.

Imagine being helpless and insignificant. Imagine meeting yourself and realizing that you’re not as helpless and insignificant as you think.

Imagine happiness.Imagine that it is yours.

Imagine that all this is real.