Live in the moment. The moments that seem so perfect that you want to dip them in amber and keep them forever, the moments when the sun shines just enough to melt ice around your heart and the wind feels like a lullaby.

Live in the moments just before the darkness takes over, just before your sadness washes over you like the sea and you taste the salt on your lips. Treat these moments like stepping stones, like a lifeline, like a saviour.

Live on the little things like a wanderer in the desert who treasures each drop of water like it’s gold, because it is. Live on the little things like a person lost at sea collecting dew-drops on their sails, live like this until you can’t anymore or till you see the shore. Sink or swim.

Live on the smell of coffee, the taste of chocolate, the sound of a guitar, the laughter that surprises you in the middle of the day. Hold these things close to your heart like a talisman.

Live in the spaces between music notes, in the time between thought and feeling, in the skip from one heartbeat to another. Live as if worry doesn’t weigh you down like a ball-and-chain, as if your mind wasn’t too full. Try to believe that everything will turn out fine.

Live like you have nothing to lose beacuse you don’t.There is no yesterday,no tomorrow, the sun never sets or rises and all you have is this moment. Take a deep breath and remember that your days are numbered, every heartbeat is one step closer to your grave. Don’t panic.

In momento



the history of melancholia

includes all of us.

me, I writhe in dirty sheets
while staring at blue walls
and nothing.

I have gotten so used to melancholia
I greet it like an old

I will now do 15 minutes of grieving
for the lost redhead,
I tell the gods.

I do it and feel quite bad
quite sad,
then I rise
even though nothing
is solved.

that’s what I get for kicking
religion in the ass.

I should have kicked the redhead
in the ass
where her brains and her bread and
butter are
at …

but, no, I’ve felt sad
about everything:
the lost redhead was just another
smash in a lifelong
loss …

I listen to drums on the radio now
and grin.
there is something wrong with me

-Charles Bukowski