I am nameless.

I am the wind in the trees and the light on the sand and the whisper of breathe.

I am the red bands of fate and the string that runs though space and time, that twists and turns and goes on and on and on.

I am the ticking of a clock in the afternoon, the scratch of pen on paper and the dead-space after a secret.

I am sorrow and pain and screaming. I am the Berlin wall and a black hole and a pool of blood. I am hand grenades and napalm and a bullet to the brain.

I am sunshine and beauty and truth. I am the smile of a child, a love letter, unexpected laughter that bursts out of you like a flock of birds taking flight. I am dreams and magic and the impossible.

I am everything and nothing. Contradictions and chaos, order and simplicity.

I am the new moon of darkness, I am the radiant sun.

I am fierce and powerful,vulnerable and scared, thunder and lightning, strangeness and charm.

I am the end, the beginning, the in-between.

The empty notes in a symphony, the skipped heartbeats, the held breathe, the flight before a fall.

I am all this and more.

What is there to be afraid of?